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Welcome to Rainbow's End Creations handmade beeswax candles.

My name is Debbie and I am a beeswax chandler (candle maker) as well as being a jewellery maker. I have two grown up children who make me so very proud every day and a husband who I have been married to for a million years. We have two dogs (A working guide dog – hubby’s, and a rescue terrier type) and three rescue cats. I have worked for the government, local government, local schools and I once ran a successful decorationing company that specialised in lady decorators. Sadly it expanded so fast that I couldn’t give it my all with two tiny babies. I use crystals and reiki and believe in trying to live a more holistic life style.

I create unusual candles using beeswax from my local beekeeper so by purchasing from me you will be supporting British Bees and beekeepers. My lovely beekeeper triple filters the wax before it comes to me then I filter it myself through cotton to remove as much debris from little bees feet as possible. I use cotton wicks (so no nasty zinc cores) and don’t add anything to the beeswax (unless specified in the descriptions such as the Christmas range). So you get the subtle aroma of beeswax with no added harsh chemicals . If you want to know more there are pages full of information, just click on the links or feel free to contact me. There is a contact form below or feel free to contact me via the social media buttons.

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