Ahhh the sun is out!

Being a small business owner I often wonder if people really understand what is involved with running your own game. When people work 9-5 they often don’t understand that many many people like me are out there getting up at silly o clock in order to get some paperwork done before their day starts. Or working late into the night, in fact I know one lady that if she cant sleep gets up and works for several hours in the middle of the night. This kind of unsociable working hours in the “employed” world gets you extra wages added on but not for us. Having this flexibility is why we all do it. Many of us have health issues or care for others so the flexibility is key so it not cause for complaint. However it does get a tad miffing when people make assumptions that you watch daytime TV all day or when you hear that wonderful phrase that you “don’t work”. So on another sunny day I am attached to my laptop beavering away like many small business owners will be while our employed counter parts spent their Saturday enjoying the sun with a drink or two. For that I am immensely grateful as I can take Thursday off to go to my daughters hospital appointment. Would just like to make the point that I am raising my imaginary glass of something tall, cool and alcoholic to my fellow small business owners and say “jolly well done”.

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