One step closer

So.. thought I would give you an update and an explaination as to why this whole process took so very long. As a crafter I don’t have an income from a regular job to help fund me in my business and therefore I have to rely totally on sales. This means I save for everything prior to being able to move ahead. This may not sound a very good way to run a business so I thought maybe I should explain how I got to this point in the first place. Some years ago a member of my family was diagnosed with scoliosis.This is curvature of the spine. It hit so hard and fast that it meant surgery to implant Harrington rods either side of the spine. At this point I want to publically thanks The Evelina Hospital in London for the amazing work they did. I had been working in a school and office at that time and the hospital appointments (and there were a lot of them) meant I had to be available. So I gave up work and decided to open up my own business selling my crafts. At that time I was making cards and jewellery. Everything went well with the surgery although there are still a few issues however it soon became apparent that something else was going on. My family member started to pass out a lot. Blood pressure dropped and heart rate hit into the realms of someone having a heart attack. 4 years later and we now know it was POTS (Postural tachycardia syndrome). Over the years I have shifted my focus to my candles, which I love, but I often have to down tools for appointments or dashes to pick up my family member up after what is known as “a crash”.

I will say said family member is the most awsome and amazing person I have met (although my other family member is pretty awesome too). I’ve added links so anyone can read up from a helpful source and not Wiki in case they have concerns. So back to my point. As things stand my website has taken a place very low on the list and I don’t have the funds to pay someone to do it for me. I have taught myself via YouTube and the amazing WebsitesMadeEasy.

So there you have it. Time issues plus funding have led to a VERY long journey with this however i’m quite pleased with myself. So when you look at a task and think “oh my word, i can never do that” just think of little ole me watching HOURS of YouTube having no clue what I was doing. It may not be perfect but it’s perctly okay to me. Thank you for reading my waffle 🙂

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