Flower pillar solid beeswax candle


This unusual flower pillar solid beeswax candle is perfect for the flower lovers out there. A solid candle with flowers that stand out beautifully. No chemical scents are added so you get the subtle scent of natural beeswax with the golden colour of Kent beeswax. I buy my beeswax from my local beekeeper so I know there is nothing added.

The diamentions are approximately 40mm by 65mm  and an estimated burn time of 8 hours dependant on the location of you candle and your management of your candle. Each candle comes with a handmade box using recycled card and natural twine with a label for your use.

For further information on Beeswax and Candle Care & Safety please click HERE

Additional Information

Weight 83 g
Dimensions 40 × 65 mm