Large honeycomb natural solid beeswax candle


This tall solid beeswax candle is a significate candle for any candle lover.It is a solid, chucnky candle with delicate patterns on the outside. With a subtle honey scent and no added chemical fragrances this is an ultimate natural king of candles. I purchase my wax from my local beekeeper so you can be assured nothing is added.
Approximate dimensions  51mm by 165mm. With approximately 18 1/2 hours burn time (not recommended in one go, and always trim your wick before relighting). All my candles come in a handmade box made using recycled card and natural twine with a label for your use.

ALL candles need to be placed on a suitable plate or something designed for candle use. These should be heat treated especially when burning beeswax and a large candle such a this. I do not recommend bell jars for beeswax as most are not designed for the extra heat that comes from burning beeswax candles.

For further information on Beeswax and Candle Care & Safety please click HERE

Additional Information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 51 × 165 mm


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