Parcel gift solid beeswax candle


A pretty christmas gift solid beeswax candle.This candle is currently available either dyed with beeswax dye and glittered or in its natural form. Please be aware in it’s natural form it will still have some residue glitter as the style of mould makes it impossible to clear the glitter out of the bow cavity.
Dyed and glittered by me these candle have a subtle scent of honey as I don’t add chemicals to scent. Approxinate dimensions are 38mm x 60mm with an approximate burntime of 4 hours dependant on the location of the candle itself. Drafts will effect burntimes. Each candle comes in it’s own handmade box of recycled card and natural twine with a label.
This is for one single candle with a leaflet included on candle care and how to get the best from your candle.  Please contact me for options. Also with all my coloured christmas range if you require a particular colour please message me and I will provide if possible. Thank you.

For further information on Beeswax and Candle Care & Safety please click HERE

Additional Information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 38 × 60 mm


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