What’s occurring!!!

Hello there,

It’s all been a very long process but i’m finally nearing the end (i hope). Just wanted to explain the main reason why. I am, whats commonly known as a bit of a techno phobe. I have no idea. However I am self funded so I had to find a way to get this going without paying someone to do it. I know you are saying “well thats silly” but needs must I am afraid. Soooooo I have been teaching myself using YouTube. Yes I make many many mistake and have lost info completely. I have had mini break downs over it and have totally fallen out of love and into the land of hate with my webpage, however i’m sure that will change when it’s done. So when you think it’s not professional enough or something isn’t working properly or even just “what took so long, it’s all pretty basic”? Just remember, i’m on the other end watching zillions of hours of video’s trying to work out why my buttons wont line up (yes after days and days I thought stuff it).

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