Where does the time go?

So, just an update really. As some of you know I’ve retrained as a hypnotherapist and eft practioner to go alongside my candle making. This means my time available to work on this side has been very limited but i’m still plodding along, as ever. I’m working hard on getting my therpay business up and running but there is a lot to do. I’m also re doing some test burns. A few candles that I use the recommended wicks on i’m a little unhappy with so I’m going back to the drawing board. The whole process is time consuming and uses wax that I dont get back finiacially BUT i thinks it’s worth every penny and the time to do the best job I can. Yes it bugs me when people say that people like me charge too much as other cheap shops which shall remain nameless charge far less. Firstly you get awful wax usually parrafin and secondly if you watch them burn they are obviously just thrown together. Each to their own I know but don’t crisitse people that actaully try their best to give the customer the best and safest candle they can. Anyhoo this is what i’m up to, so wish me luck 🙂

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